about us


We are dreamers, designers, and a team of real people working to make the real world a cleaner, happier, more peaceful place for all. 

In 2015, with over 25 years of high-end denim development, design and manufacturing experience under our belts, we decided to take a chance and be true to ourselves. Our mission: to bring exceptional fits & styles in the highest quality materials back to the premium denim market at a price to make you (and us) feel great.

Our mission has been realized in Principle Denim. We source the globe for the most rich, authentic, exceptional denims and bring them to our Downtown Los Angeles studio. Our design team uses its collective experience and knowledge to create specially developed washes and modern fits to exquisite perfection. Each pair of our jeans is individually hand-crafted, true to our company mission of excellence in manufacturing without an exaggerated price.

As we all become more and more aware of the ways manufacturing impacts our planet, we have worked hard to enact sustainable, environmentally friendly production practices. We strive to select fabrics that reduce pesticide usage, manage water better, improve soil health and protect the welfare of cotton growers & workers. We use laser printing technology and ozone machines that decrease the carbon footprint through reduced water and chemical usage, and also eliminates manual and harmful processes for workers’ health. We partner exclusively with local sewing facilities that provide ethical, fair treatment for all of their employees, and are 100% legal and registered as providing a fair wage and worker protections under the law. We maintain standards above & beyond for these denim workers in Downtown LA, an area well known as the Premium Denim Capitol of the world, but not always known for being the most ethical world – a world that we want to live and work in.

We confidently encourage you to trust in Principle Denim and feel good about wearing a product that’s been sustainably and ethically produced. We also happily encourage you to take a chance and be true to yourself as well. Be a force and live by your own strong PRINCIPLE, whatever it may be.